Inna lillahi … passing of Bilquees Fatima (Seema)

Bilquees Fatima (Seema) d/o Syed Qaiser Hussain Naqvi passed away in Karachi. She will be buried after Maghreb prayers in Karachi.
Please recite a Sura Fateha and if possible Namaz e Wehshat.

Majlis Eisal-e-Sawab
Babul Hawaij Islamic Center
1893 Bonhill Rd, Mississauga, ON L5T 1C1, Canada

Saturday July 25th 2015
Start 6:30PM
End 8:30PM

Majlis, Fateha and Niaz will take place during above hours as there is another event at the center after 9PM.

Jazak Allah

M. Ali Naqvi
Fazal Abbas Naqvi