First Meeting of New Board and Executive Committee

First meeting of the new Board and Executive Committee of Anjuman Sadat-e-Amroha, Canada was held on Monday, 5 September,2016 at the residence of Mr. Sibte Yahya, newly elected President of the Anjuman.

The new Board members are as follows:

Mr. Hussain Naqvi Vice President
Mr. Sibte Ali Secretary
Mr. Sultan Nazar Treasurer
Me. Ali Sadaqain Technical adviser/ Web editor

The new members of the Executive Committee are as follows:
1. Aftab Haider Former President
2. Asif Akhtar Former President
3. Dr. Ahmed Former President
4. Shahab Naqvi
5. Haider Shikoh
6. Munawera Naqvi
7. Seema Naqvi
8. Ali Muntazim Naqvi
9. Jafar Naqvi
10. Ali Abbas

It was decided that the next event – ” Eid Milan Party and Prize distribution function” of Anjuman Sadat-e- Amroha will be organized on Sunday,25 Septmber,2016 at 5.00 pm.
The meeting also decided that annual Majlis of Sadat-e-Amroha will be held on Sunday, 6 Safar i.e. November,2016 at Babul Hawaij Imambargah.

All members of Sadat-e-Amroha are requested to participate in the above events with their families and friends. They should invite maximum number of their relations and friends to attend the above events.”

Sibte Yahya