Ramadan Mubarak and Food Drive

Ramadan Mubarak

Dear all members                              

1. Ramadan Food Basket: I would like to update you that as usual we will continue our yearly campaign of Ramadan Food Basket Program (RFB) during the month of Ramadan. Last year we prepared and distributed 160 Food Baskets to the needy including Syrian families in GTA. People from as far as Whitby and Hamilton approached CMFI for for the collection RFBs.  Our dedicated volunteers prepared these basket at the Bosnian Jamia and helped in the distribution of them. The cost of each food basket is $100. however, it contain grocery worth about $150 since we always look for sales and buy the grocery in bulk that enable us to buy more quantity of food. This year our target is to reach 320  needy families.
Your pledges for Ramadan Food Baskets are welcome cost of each food basket is $100. Your pledges of Zakat, Sadaqa or Fitra is welcome.
2. CMFI Food Bank at Bosnian Jamia continue the distribution of food to needy families including Syrian families on regular basis.
3. Qurbani/Zabiha Project Update: During my visit to Pakistan in February 2017, I’ve met some people and discussed to start CMFI Qurbani Project in Pakistan, they’ve offered their services to manage CMFI Qurbani Project in Pakistan. We were able to create a team that include Br. Sibtet Sarwar Naqvi, Ashraf Wajih Qazi and Amir Saeed Jilani who will make arrangement for Qurbani in Karachi. We disused that CMFI will collect Qurbani pledges in Canada and will send the funds to do Qurbani in Karachi – Pakistan on behalf of our donors. The Qurbani meat will be distributed to needy families there. Br. Ashraf and Br. Amir have a strong charitable work experience and Br. Sarwar is a retired Govt. officer will be overseeing the Qurbani Project.
We will announce the Qurbani/Zabiha rates in Pakistan in due course ahead of Eid ul Adha Insha’Allah. 
Please make your Qurbani/Zabiha pledge and inform other to send their Qurbani/Zabiha pledges to Pakistan. Qubani meat will be distributed to help less fortunate families in Pakistan – Insha’Allah.
4. Organization Registration in Pakistan: The registration of organization in Pakistan is already underway. We are in the process of gathering required information and are preparing application for the registration.  As soon the organization is registered a bank account for organization will be opened in National Bank to smoothly operate our projects there.
May Allah Bless all those who are contributing and supporting in this noble cause –  Ameen.
Looking forward for you continued support.
Best regards,