Delegation of duties Picnic Aug 07 2017 monday

Dear all volunteers, ASA
As you all know our picnic date ( Aug 07-2017) is fast approaching. Below is a list of responsibilities please review as you know this is community picnic every body’s contribution make this event successful.
Hopefully everyone is attending and will be ok in carrying these responsibilities. May I request that if you are unable to do please don’t hesitate to let me know so we will find a replacement.
I hope that I got everyone on the email who is carrying out the tasks, if I have missed anyone please let me know.
As you know we reimbursed for the cost in preparing for these items.
CHICKEN LEGS (120) if its possible please pre cook them
 shariq/shazia -30 legs in 2 pices
shahab/sadat-30 legs in pices
munnaybhai/sana-30 legs in pices
Ali sadqain-30 legs in 2 pices
chapli kabab ( qeema with chapli kabab masala)
 Sibte ali/Alia 4lb and ice box with 4 bags of ice
jaffer/ naveen 4lb and ice box with 4 bags of ice
haide/tasweer 4lb
shazad/rehana 4lb
cholay chat
Ali abbas/musarat 2 big dishes and box of ice with 4 ice bags.
Dahi baday
sultan(tipu) and rakhshi-2 big dishes and Tea box medium size with 8 carnation milk.
Ali Naqvi( yahaya uncle’s son) 1  dish
Rufi  ( 5 each of pepsi,orange,sprite and 2 diet coke)
Water Melon
Rehan 10 pices of water melons and 2 water cases
water bottles
Hussain bhai-5 cases of water and ice box with 4 bags ice
snacks and bun
Shazad/Ghazala- (ketchup,5 of each hot and burger buns 5 hot dogs packs)
sibte yahya ( 100 pices and big pot for Tea)
 See you all on Aug 7 Mon at 11:00pm
Thanks and Best Regards
Sibte Ali