Syed Mohammad Sadaqain

Syed Sadaqain Picture


  • ASAC Presiden 2024 – President
  • Resident Engineer
  • Project Manager Team(PMT)
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Project/Quality Verification Engineer
  • Jr. Civil Engineer.


Syed Sadaqain holds a B.E degree in Civil Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. In 1971, he was sponsored by his uncle.

Syed Ghazanfer Raza Naqvi, one of few Amrohvis who came to Canada as early as 1967. He arrived in Canada as Immigrant in March 1974. One year worked with Ministry of Transportation Ontario.

From 1975 to 1979 studied in Concordia University Montreal, Quebec. In 1980, he started Job as a Jr. Civil Engineer.

In 1992 received Professional Engineer designation from Professional Engineers Ontario after passing two required exams.

Since then worked as P.Eng. in Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, Doha Qatar and ARAMCO. He has three sons Ali Mohsen, Aasim and Ahsen.