Relief of Poverty

By providing tuition subsidies to the students in need


Advancement of Education

Providing financial aid to meritorious students through scholarships and grant awards on the basis of academic excellence.


Advancement of Religion

Organizing cultural events and religious lectures for improvement of knowledge and better understanding Islamic faith.

Donation Needed

Appeal for helping deserving students

We have been receiving requests from brilliant and meritorious university students to subsidize their tuition fee. Due to their family circumstances they cannot afford to pay back their OSAP loans.Anjuman Sadat-e-Amroha is raising donations to provide fee subsidies to these deserving students. Your generous donation will meet the immediate need of a number of university students.

You may donate under any of the following categories:

  1. Establish a scholarship in memory of your loved ones (parents, spouse, son or daughter) who are no longer with you. They will be remembered forever and the departed soul will rest in eternal peace. God will also bless you and your family with infinite mercy. No charity is better than this.
  2. Establish scholarships in the name of your Foundation, Endowment Fund, Company or Corporation. No investment is better than investing in education. It changes the destiny of persons, families and uplifts whole society.The scholarships in categories 1 or 2 may be established per annum up to any amount. Please contact us for scholarships at

Contact us below to gain more information and payment methods.