Successful Picnic and New Executive Board

It was a very enjoyable and successful picnic. The weather was excellent and the day was beautiful. The picnic park/ venue was very nice. Lot of people attended the picnic. They were happy to meet their folks in a cheerful and jovial environment. The food and the starters were tasty. All arrangements were well planned. Congratulations to Asad,Shahab, the working committe members and all the volunteers. They put lot of efforts to organize every thing so efficiently. Well done all. Nothing could be better.

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Change of the ASAC Executive Board

This year’s picnic was a special event because we had election of the new President of the Anjuman Sadate Amroha, Canada. Heartiest congratulations to Syed Sadaqain, who was elected unopposed. He selected the team of the Executive Committee, who are very active and capable persons of the Bradari. Asad Naqvi was elected as Vice-President, Asim Naqvi , Secretary and Husain Rehan as Treasurer. They are certainly the best choice. Asim Naqvi worked very efficiently and quickly finalized the formation of the new working committee. Well done Asim.

Also my thanks to election committee- Amman Bhai, Chairman. Saeed Akhtar and Haider Shikoh as Members for completing the election procedure meticulously.

As part of the report of out going Executive Committee, Treasurer ,Shahab Naqvi presented the accounts of the Anjuman’s functions held in the past two years. Asad Saeed informed that during the past five years , Anjuman Sadat Amroha Canada arranged donations of Rs. 66 lak for the deserving families of Bradari in Karachi.
Asad welcomed Hilal Naqvi, Mumtaz Alam, Sibte Momin and Najmi Jameel, the prominent members of our community visiting from Karachi.

Mr. Sibte Yahya Naqvi elected as life Chairman, Anjuman Sadate Amroha Canada.

The members of the Anjuman Sadate Amroha Canada unanimously elected Mr Sibte Yahya Naqvi as life Chairman of the Anjuman. He is a very prominent member of our Bradari. He served the Anjuman dedicatedly for the last eight years. Under his leadership the Anjuman progressed greatly. Its membership become almost doubled, all the functions were largely attended and well planned and well organized. The working committee and volunteers zealously worked to increase the quality of service and standard of the function.

On becoming the life Chairman of the Anjuman, uncle Sibte Yahya said that he loves every member of his Baradari and he was overwhelmed by the love and affection of the people for him. Has thanked everyone for reposing confidence in him.

Sibte Yahya Naqvi Image

A message from uncle Sibte Yahya:
I am proud to say that no other community is as well knit as Sadate Amroha . Our feeling of togetherness is our strength. The communities who recognize their roots sustain longer, as they protect their culture, values and traditions. They develop strong bonds . Therefore , maximum participation of our members in the Anjuman’s activities will be a source of its strength. Members’ participation and support is necessary to the success of the Anjuman, With lot of hard work we brought the Anjuman upto this level. The Anjuman will progress further with your cooperation.

I was successful in establishing links with the Anjuman Sadate Amroha and its Institutions in Karachi. I wish these links should be increased further.
My best wishes for the progress, prosperity and success of our community members.

Mr. Syed Mohammad Sadaqain elected as President, Anjuman Sadate Amroha Canada.

Syed Sadaqain, newly elected President, thanked all those who proposed and seconded his omination. He said that without the cooperation of all the members of Sadate Amroha, he would not be able to fulfill his responsibilities. He sought the support of the members of the Bradari for making the activities and functions of the Anjuman more successful. He requested the out going office bearers and working committee members to guide the new team.

Syed Sadaqain Picture

Syed Sadaqain holds a B.E degree in Civil Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. In 1971, he was sponsored by his uncle.

Syed Ghazanfer Raza Naqvi, one of few Amrohvis who came to Canada as early as 1967. He arrived in Canada as Immigrant in March 1974. One year worked with Ministry of Transportation Ontario.

From 1975 to 1979 studied in Concordia University Montreal, Quebec. In 1980, he started Job as a Jr. Civil Engineer.

In 1992 received Professional Engineer designation from Professional Engineers Ontario after passing two required exams.

Since then worked as P.Eng. in Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, Doha Qatar and ARAMCO. He has three sons Ali Mohsen, Aasim and Ahsen.

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